Top Reasons Why You should be Outsourcing Your HR

Updated: May 11

Putting together a stellar HR team may not always be the No.1 priority, which is why many businesses have opted for outsourcing some of those functions. The challenge then is in finding the right outsourcing partner. So what is HR outsourcing, and how will it help your business? A great question! Business process outsourcing (BPO) gives companies access to the expertise they need without all the work it takes to necessitate it. Basically, businesses and their leaders can focus on the critical aspects of their business without always being tied to the necessary detail.

If we put the role of Human Resources into context it deals with everything from recruitment and training to employee management and compliance and that’s just the framework. Leveraging expertise in this area can add incredible value to your company because it can remove a substantial source of risk. A BPO’s central offer is human resource management! You get access to a pool of talent you might otherwise not have access too, while also removing some of expense tied into resourcing this yourself. Whether you are hiring for construction, transport & logistics, real estate or the financial services sector, looking for a solution that is custom made for each partnership is the first hurdle. So where to start?

“Great vision without great people is irrelevant.” Jim Collins

It’s important that the HR outsourcing partner that you work with has a collaborative process, closely linking with existing management to create a cohesive culture that mixes well with your business rather than clashing against it.

Leading BPO partners also understand modern ways of working and are constantly reviewing the scope and investing in the appropriate tech or process management systems to improve efficiencies. This can be a win in itself for small to medium businesses enabling them to modernise their systems and processes without investing in capital.

With remote work practices changing the way we connect with our teams, working with a global resource pool is really practical. Consider how difficult it can be to find someone with specialised knowledge, and now consider having the ability to take geography out of the equation. If we look at one of the other benefits of outsourcing, the screening process alone may make outsourcing viable for any organisation, the time and diligence to sift through applicants! A strong BPO partner will help companies streamline the hiring process. Consider this resource as your team of qualified head hunters tasked with finding the best resources available. HR outsourcing teams are not only experts in people management, their portfolio includes understanding local legislation, managing compliance and documentation, to formalising company processes. At ProSource, we have a clear understanding of how to execute process and work with our partners on a bespoke plan that meets that their needs. After all our business is yours. ProSource can help take your company to the next level, so get in touch today.

Once this occurs, the leadership and management on-site and within the construction company can focus on strategy & execution, secure in the knowledge that a fully accountable outsourcing partner is managing the minutiae, and therefore saving them time. This means that they can spend more time focused on what’s going on on-site, engaging closely with clients, and ensuring that the maximum value is delivered to the client. The outsourcing provider’s team might be located overseas, but they’re always visible via regular reporting and clear documentation, and this actually provides the construction company’s leadership with greater levels of control.

Because detail and process-orientated experts are in such demand for construction companies, it’s actually difficult to find the right people for recruitment, despite the number of Australians that construction employ. Competition for these skill types, as critical as they are for construction businesses to meet their regulatory requirements and deliver projects to budget and on time, is fierce. In working with an outsourcing services company, a company can access these all-important skills without investing in costly recruitment projects.

ProSource, for example, focuses our teams on process and detail-orientated professionals that will be able to act as the backbone to all of your HR projects.

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