BPO in the Philippines Stays on top through Pandemic

Updated: May 11

Over the past couple of years, there has been a thirty per cent growth in the BPO sector in the Philippines and another 20% expected. With their Privacy of Data Act and English proficiency being exceptionally high this makes the Philippines an extremely reliable destination for all forms of outsourcing tasks, leaving behind competitors like China and India.

In this Global pandemic, companies have had to cut their costs wherever they can to survive so it comes as no surprise that the interest in BPO services has increased dramatically. Right now, there is a company in the Philippines recruiting for 10,000 employees and another following closely recruiting 7,000.

So why the demand?

As we are slowly coming out of the worst of this pandemic, we are seeing huge growth and demand which is leaving businesses scrambling for experienced staff that are hard to find.

No matter how new a given role may be to your company, at ProSource we are already providing that function to clients at a world-class level. These are not just professionals who can accommodate your different requirements but are also highly educated and qualified in their respective fields.

Outsourcing with ProSource has various benefits including quality work, efficient management, and reduced overhead costs.

We have witnessed companies grow rapidly due to the back-end support outsourcing is providing. ProSource is supporting many companies, each package is unique to suit your specific needs.

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